AED Reviews

Curious to see the Avive Connect AED and learn more about its life-saving features?

While we aren’t sharing more publicly just yet, we’ve captured the authentic first reactions of AED professionals and shared their genuine thoughts below!

Watch how EMTs, cardiologists, coaches, and community AED experts reacted when they saw the Avive Connect AED for the first time. We’ve given them the chance to look at (and hold!) our life-changing product and share their review with you.

Check out the AED Review Videos below!

2X SCA Survivor, Austin McAnena, and Community Responder, Erick Woertink, React

“Look at the size of that – this is definitely going to save lives, that’s for sure. Being a survivor, I know the impact it’s going to make and this is the solution.”

Youth Sports Coach & Parent Reacts, Eric Movessian

“Wow! that’s incredible, it almost looks like an iPhone for AEDs. Small, easy to carry – this is impressive.”

Cardiologist Reacts, Dr. Robinson

“This is the smallest one that I’ve seen and looks very user friendly. This device is a game changer.”

EMT Reacts – Renee Nichols

“This AED is smaller – you could put it in a glove box, easier to put anywhere”

A Mother Reacts – Tania Lambert

“It’s that small? It’s unbelievable, this is something we need for so long. Truly, you don’t know until you’re in that situation.”

Fire Captain and Paramedic (Ret.) Reacts – Joe Kinson

“It’s small. Lightweight, it could easily fit in a backpack or maybe a purse. Pretty impressive.”

Cardiologist Reacts – Dr. Bourne

“It’s so light, it’s not much more than my phone. It is really well thought out.”

Nurse Manager for Cardiac Catheterization Lab – Earvin Ledi

“Kind of like an iPhone, you could carry this around.”

Emergency Medical Services Team Reacts

“It looks more like an Alexa. It’s very modern.”

911 Dispatchers

“It looks pretty simple and anyone can use it.”

CPR Instructor & Community Advocate for Heart Health

“It’s so cute!…Wow. This could change a lot for a lot of people.”

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

“These are very nice as far as size, weight and I’m sure they’re dependable.”

EMT & Field Training Officer

“AEDs can be complicated and intimidating… but this [Avive AED] is almost kind of comforting.”