Telephone CPR: 911 Operators & Dispatch-assisted CPR

Telephone CPR: 911 Operators & Dispatch-Assisted CPR

Dispatcher-Assisted CPR Saves Lives in an Emergency You just finished shopping for groceries on a routine Saturday….

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We Support California AB 379

Avive Solutions wholeheartedly supports California’s Assembly Bill 379. AB 379 would require the same protocols used for concussions…

Pinch Hitting with a Defibrillator

Pinch Hitting with a Defibrillator

The Importance of How AED Manufacturers Test Usability with Human Factors Testing As you board an airplane,…

AED Programs Need an Overhaul

AED Programs Need an Overhaul

Lockport Illinois Woman Sued Retail Giant Amazon As reported in the Chicago Tribune, a Lockport Illinois woman…

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4 Reasons AEDs Aren’t Everywhere

I asked Dr. Asif Ali, a renowned cardiologist in Texas, “Where should AEDs be placed to improve survival…

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Avive Solutions – Our Promise to You

Welcome to the first post in Avive’s blog series! My name is Sameer Jafri and I’m the…

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