IoT Connected AEDs: Importance & Benefits

March 18, 2021 | Last Updated: January 13, 2023

“Unfortunately, our data suggest that even when you find an AED in the time of need, it may not work. These devices require routine upkeep in order to remain functional and ready.”

Dr. Brad Sutton

Assistant Professor of Medicine and Assistant Dean for Health Strategy and Innovation at the University of Louisville

Category Feature HeartSine Connected AED(via HeartSine Gateway module) PhysioControl CR2 AED ZOLL AED 3 Avive Connect AED
Bluetooth (BLE) ConnectivityX
Wi-Fi ConnectivityXXXX
Cellular ConnectivityX
GPS location ConnectivityX
Communicates with AED Program Management software to enable remote device monitoringX (LifeLink Central)X (LifeLink Central)X (PlusTrac)X
Communicates results of AED self-testXXXX
Remote Device Monitoring & TrackingCommunicates that AED battery is lowXXXX
Communicates that AED electrode pads are expiring or have expiredXXXX
Communicates that the device is outside of operating temperature rangeXX
Communicates when the AED has been usedXX
Frequency of communication with AED Program Management Software to share device statusWeeklyMonthlyWeeklyDaily
Sharing Cardiac Arrest Event DataCan wirelessly share cardiac arrest event data from AED via Wi-FiXXX
Event data is automatically shared without any intervention with the AEDXX
OtherUses independent power source to power connectivity features (preserves “life-saving” AED battery)XX