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HeartSine - Samaritan PAD 350P


Philips - HeartStart Onsite

  HeartSine - Samaritan PAD 350P Philips - HeartStart Onsite
AED Brand HeartSine - Samaritan PAD 350P Philips - HeartStart Onsite

HeartSine was founded in 1998 to continue innovative development of advanced lifesaving products for the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest. Their passion to innovate began thirty years earlier when they invented the first mobile defibrillator.

In 2013, the HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P was launched with its small footprint and high IP56 rating. The Samaritan PAD 350P is a semi-automatic defibrillator.

In 2015, HeartSine was acquired by Physio-Control, who was subsequently acquired by Stryker in 2016.

Philips & Co was founded in 1891.

The HeartStart OnSite was launched for sale in 2001. The OnSite features SmartPad technology to guide the user through the pad placement and daily testing of all main components of the AED including pad functionality.

AED Price $1,315 $1,275
Electrode Pads Shelf Life: 4 years 2 years
Electrode Pads Price Per Unit Pad/Battery combo $67
Battery Shelf Life: 4 years 4 years
Battery Price Per Unit: $186 $169
Secondary Battery Shelf Life: N/A N/A
Secondary Battery Price Per Unit: N/A N/A
Total Cost of Ownership w/ Pedi Pads (during AED's warranty): $1,943 $2,175
AED Warranty: 8 years 8 years
IP Rating: 56 21
Weight: 2.4 3.3
Dimensions (in): 7.25 X 8 X 1.9 7.4 X 8.3 X 2.8
CPR Coaching: Passive Passive
Electrode Pad Self Test: Yes Yes
Fully-automatic Option: Yes No
Convert AED to Trainer: No. Requires buying a trainer Yes
Bilingual: No No
Remote Monitoring: Yes. Requires Gateway purchase (WiFi only) No

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