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Make Sure Your AED is in the Right Place at the Right Time

After learning about who should buy an AED for their home and what is the best AED for the household, the most important question that remains is: where should you put your AED?

Here are some guidelines: 

  1. Make the AED visible
  2. Ensure that it’s accessible
  3. Take it where it’s needed

Visible AEDs Save Lives

The worst thing you can do is to hide your AED in a closet or cupboard. You want to make sure your AED is prominent and easy to find! 

A visible AED doesn’t mean that it has to be displayed above your fireplace or next to your big screen TV, but it should be easy to see and find.  

When it comes to sudden cardiac arrest, you don’t know who will be the victim and who will be the responder. Therefore, you want to make sure as many people as possible know where the AED is located. before an actual emergency. 


Time is of the essence when cardiac arrest strikes. Early CPR and defibrillation save lives. So, if rescuers waste time trying to extricate the AED from a closet, or locate it in a cluttered garage, precious seconds and minutes will be wasted.

Make sure that your AED isn’t blocked by large objects or placed behind a locked door. These locations can also slow down rescuers during high-stress emergencies.


If your AED is placed in a convenient location, perhaps near the main entrance to your house or garage, you’re more likely to bring it with you on the go. By traveling with your AED, you can save lives wherever the Sudden Cardiac Arrest emergency happens! So, if you head out on the weekends for recreational sports, bring it with you to the ball field.

“We were able to get an AED for me when I went to college. Unfortunately, because my dorm didn’t not have AEDs, I kept it in my room. Then if I went to do a hike or something like that, it came with me.”

– Julia Kawas, who was diagnosed with Long QT at the age of 14, on the need for a portable AED at home.

Some specific AED placement locations: 

  • In the hallway next to the thermostat 
  • On the garage wall
  • In the glove box of your car, if the AED is small enough!

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