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Product Avive Connect AED Purchase LIFESaver Plan1
Pricejust $1,395 Buy Nowonly $349 /year Join Now
What's Included
  • One (1) fully-automated, FDA-approved Avive AED™ with Avive Connect factory installed
  • One (1) Avive AED Pad Cartridge, containing one set of two (2) adhesive electrode pads and can be used on either adults or children for analysis and defibrillation
  • One (1) medical-grade Avive USB Power Adaptor
  • One (1) one-meter (3.3 foot) Avive USB Charging Cable
Avive REALConnect™ Services One year included with all purchases2 Included throughout membership
Access to REALConnect Platform includes:
  • Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS wireless communication
  • Robust Daily Remote Monitoring of AED Readiness & Location
  • Remote Software Updates
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Medical Direction & Program Management
  • Customizable dashboard to help you wirelessly manage your unique hierarchy of AEDs, locations, and AED managers
Rapid Wireless Incident Data Transfer Rapid transfer of AED Incident Data to first responders and physicians to support patient care 
QuickRescue™Automatically notifies 911 of an AED rescue
Intelligent Response™Enables 911 to dispatch Avive Connect AEDs to nearby suspected Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims, notifying people when and where it is needed to save a life.
Battery ReplacementsRechargeable battery designed to outlive the life of our device - no replacements needed!
Pad Replacements3
Upon pending pad expiration or after an AED use*
Avive AED Pad Cartridge replacements included upon expiration, or upon use with active REALConnect membershipAvive AED Pad Cartridge replacements included upon expiration, or upon use throughout membership
Warranty5 years (increased to 8 with simple registration on REALConnect Platform)Ongoing during the life of your membership!
Product Delivery & Order Priority Standard Delivery, AED purchases will ship after LIFESaver Plan members' orders are fulfilledExpedited Delivery, LIFESaver Plan members will receive priority order fulfillment
just $1,395
Buy Now
only $349 /year
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1Requires a five-year commitment. Additional terms and considerations apply. Visit our Terms of Sale for more details.

2Optionally renew for $149/year thereafter. Pricing subject to change. Contact Avive for more details.

3One (1) Avive AED Pad Cartridge replacement post-emergency use is available annually per active, uninterrupted Avive Connect AED enrolled in the LIFESaver Plan or REALConnect Services. Post-Use Incident Report Required. Other restrictions may apply. Contact Avive for more details.