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Avive Hires Sean Cohen as VP of Hardware

| Last Updated on March 30, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (August 10, 2022) – Avive Solutions, Inc announces that Sean Cohen has joined the company as Vice President of Hardware. Sean leads the hardware engineering team at Avive, where he is focused on building connected AED products that strive to revolutionize access to and affordability of lifesaving devices. Formerly the Vice President of Hardware at AliveCor, Sean joins the team with over 17 years of experience in medical device research, development, and manufacturing.

Sean Cohen, VP of Hardware

“For me, moving to Avive was the perfect next step,” says Cohen, “it offers the ability to focus on delivering an advanced solution to a significant problem in the initial response for those who suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). I look forward to working with this team to deliver the vision, experience, and dedication necessary to improve emergency interventions around the world.”

Cohen talks more about why he decided to join the team at Avive and what drives him towards success, “The founders are truly inspiring, and their passion is contagious.  The team we are building here is world-class, and everyone is motivated to deliver this life-saving technology to the public,” says Cohen. “The two things that excite me the most are: 1) Being a part of this team when the Avive Connect AED™ saves its first life, and 2) One day hearing an alert on my own Avive Connect AED and using it to save the life of somebody nearby.”

So far, seven of the products that Cohen has helped oversee have become commercial medical devices available on the market today. He started his career in field service and eventually moved into device design and global manufacturing before growing into engineering management. 

“We are thrilled to have Sean join Avive’s leadership team,” says Sameer Jafri, Co-Founder & CEO of Avive Solutions.  “In his recent leadership role at AliveCor and throughout his career, he has demonstrated an ability to commercialize and scale the production of various innovative medical device technologies, including in the cardiovascular space. I look forward to the great contributions Sean will make to the Avive team as we continue on our journey to improve cardiac arrest survival rates.” 

About Avive Solutions, Inc.

Avive Solutions, Inc is a San Francisco-based privately-held healthcare technology company developing a next-generation automated external defibrillator and software solutions to increase survival rates from Sudden Cardiac Arrest significantly.

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