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Andreea Martin Electrical Engineer

Andreea is an Electrical Engineer at Avive Solutions. Prior to joining the team, she worked as an Electrical Engineering Intern at Fitbit where she worked on developing an alternative heart rate monitoring solution for the Alta HR and their future devices. Andreea received her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT. During her time at MIT, she focused her research efforts on power electronics and has a pending publication from the work she did during her time at the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT.

Fun Fact
  • As an Electrical Engineer, she secretly wishes more people who ask about MCUs actually want to talk about Marvel.

  • She lurks on cinematography forums with the hope of one day actually making a film.

  • She’s a pro at making sangria (or maybe just forgets things in the fridge for too long).

  • She once got stuck in a stand-off with a gator at the dead-end of a swamp trail.

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