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Carly Jackson Public Access Defibrillator Specialist

Carly is a Public Access Defibrillator Specialist at Avive. Her initial involvement in the AED industry began almost a decade ago as a CPR & AED instructor, which led her to working in AED sales, and later managing the AED division of a Canada based AED distributor. She has held the position of Director of Distribution, and has championed public awareness campaigns dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding amongst the public of the importance of AEDs. Carly has played an integral role in creating two nonprofit organizations dedicated to placing AEDs in communities, as well as spearheading the development of startup companies in the field of AED accessories & AED remote monitoring. Most recently, she worked as a Medical Device Consultant allowing her the opportunity to work hand in hand with multiple AED distributors and manufacturers. Carly received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Physiology and Master of Science degree in Physiology & Pharmacology.

Fun Fact
  • Is an avid lover of heights and some may have even called her an adrenaline junkie. This continued even after a rare malfunction occurred with the deployment of her shoot while Skydiving, but slowly came to a halt after an unfortunate bungee jumping mishap.

  • If she could spend her day anywhere it would be boating in Muskoka with her family, friends, and of course her golden retriever!

  • Her home town is a place called Utopia, Canada – and yes it is quite literally the perfect place.

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