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Dr. Maulik Majmudar Medical Advisor Other Links: Dr. Majmudar & Amazon's Health Care

Dr. Maulik Majmudar serves as a Medical Advisor to Avive Solutions. Known as a renowned cardiologist and “master of bringing technology into the clinic”, Dr. Majmudar was hired by Amazon to help implement and massively scale new healthcare innovation. Prior to his role at Amazon, Dr. Majmudar practiced cardiology and served as the Associate Director of the Healthcare Transformation Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital – where he successfully incubated numerous healthcare technologies and had a specific focus on leveraging technology to improve the experience and value of care for both patients, providers, and the health system. He also served as a lecturer and visiting scientist at MIT, as well as an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Majmudar received his M.D. from Northwestern University, completed his residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and completed his cardiology fellowship at Duke University Medical Center and Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

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