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Life & Community: 12th Annual Marin County Survivors’ Celebration


At Avive, we believe in the power of community, the strength of collaboration, and the lifesaving potential of publicly accessible AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators). This is why we were honored to attend the 12th annual Marin County Survivors’ Celebration last week, an event that epitomizes the spirit of unity, gratitude and life. 

As a Bay Area-based company, we are lucky to work closely with the event organizers,  Via Heart Project and Marin County EMS, and it was our privilege to celebrate the heroes who do lifesaving work every day in our own backyard!

May 2024: Marin County Survivors’ Celebration

Hosted every year, the Marin County Survivors’ Celebration serves as a poignant reminder of the heroes who walk among us every day – the individuals who, through their swift actions and unwavering dedication, have saved lives from medical emergencies over the last year in Marin County, California. From the 911 Telecommunicators, to the first responders, to the medical personnel, to the loving family members, each person plays a crucial role in the Chain of Survival.

It truly takes a system to save a life, and this event beautifully recognizes that truth. 

Marin County Survivors' Celebration

During the ceremony, six survivors were individually brought up on stage, along with everyone who had a hand in saving their life. Throughout the event, the survivors were able to thank each individual who was responsible for their “second chance” at life, and the community had the opportunity to see just how many people it takes to come together and save one life. 

The Privilege of Giving Back

One of the highlights of the evening was the opportunity to donate an Avive Connect AED® to one of the survivors, Chris Gronbeck, whose life was saved by an automated external defibrillator at a local YMCA. 

Chris is a retired physician and longtime YMCA member who collapsed suddenly from cardiac arrest while working out on the stair stepper last July. His wife, a retired ICU nurse, sprang into action immediately after she witnessed his collapse. She began CPR while someone retrieved the YMCA’s AED. Chris received three shocks from the gym’s AED before the San Rafael and Marinwood Fire rescue arrived on scene. 

Chris’ survival story is a reminder of the importance of AEDs in gyms, fitness facilities, and the community at large. Avive presented an Avive Connect AED to Chris on the night of the event, and Chris will be donating this AED to a small business in Marin County. 

Concluding Thoughts

In reflecting on the 12th Annual Marin County Survivors’ Celebration, we’re reminded of the profound impact of unity, gratitude, and community when it comes to saving lives. Witnessing survivors express their appreciation to those who played a role in their second chance a life is a testament to the interconnectedness of humanity in times of crisis.

The privilege of donating an Avive Connect AED to Chris Gronbeck underscores the importance of accessible AEDs in our communities. Chris’ story is a prime example of the lifesaving difference AEDs make when Sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes. As we celebrate these local heroes and their stories, let us continue to foster collaboration and support systems that empower more people to make a difference in the Chain of Survival. Together, we can truly make a lifesaving impact!

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