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5 Crucial Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your AED


As technology evolves and standards improve, there comes a time when all equipment needs to be replaced. AEDs or Automated External Defibrillators are public access medical devices that have lifesaving impacts when used to respond to incidents of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. 

Many businesses and organizations are required to have AEDs on their premises, which means that replacing them promptly is even more important to ensure the safety of the surrounding community. Staying on top of your AED’s maintenance protocol and warranty periods could literally be the difference between life and death for someone suffering from cardiac arrest. 

Understand some of the most common reasons why it might be time for you to replace your AED.

1. Your Warranty Period Has Expired 

Like most products, AEDs have warranty periods established by the manufacturer that guarantee the device will function for a set number of years. Most AED warranties range from 7-8 years depending on the make and model although people continue to use devices even after the warranty has passed. 

If an AED’s warranty has expired, it’s possible that the manufacturer can’t guarantee its performance and may not cover the cost to replace the device should it stop working. Expiring indemnification periods could mean that an AED owner’s liability is impacted. Once an AED has passed its warranty period, it’s important to trade in or purchase an upgraded model.

2. Your AED Has Been Discontinued

If your AED is discontinued or you have received an End of Life Notification, it is time to purchase a new AED to ensure the safety of your community. If an AED model is discontinued, it will become more difficult to get the necessary AED parts you need to keep your device functional as well as any customer service or support you may need.

Similarly, if you receive an End of Life (EOL) notification for your AED, the device and all of its accessories and disposables will no longer be available. Having an AED in your facility without a battery or up-to-date set of electrode pads means that your device is not functional, which puts you and your community at risk.

3. Your AED is Not FDA-Approved

As a Class III medical device, the FDA must approve all new and existing AEDs and AED accessories before they can be sold to the public. The FDA conducts a rigorous review process to ensure an AED meets stringent quality and safety standards. In the US, it is illegal to sell an AED that is not FDA-approved and Good Samaritan Laws (which exist in all 50 states) are unavailable to these owners. There are only five AED companies and 32 AED models that have received FDA approval in the United States. Avive is the most recent of these five companies to receive approval by the FDA for an AED. 

4. You Need AED Standardization 

Having consistency and uniformity across AED devices in your organization can make training, maintaining, and managing your AEDs a lot easier. One of the biggest challenges with maintaining AEDs is that there isn’t a standard maintenance protocol for all devices, and processes vary between each make and model. 

Standardization in equipment typically makes things easier to manage–boosting efficiency and minimizing errors–which, in turn, saves time and money.

5. You Need a Better AED

If you’ve had your AED for its entire warranty period and beyond, chances are it’s been almost a decade since you replaced your lifesaving equipment. Like any piece of tech you’ve had for 8+ years, you might be itching for a shinier, newer model, or maybe there are new features you need to provide better care to your community.

There are many factors involved in owning an AED, and it’s important to consider things like the upfront purchase price, ongoing maintenance, total cost of ownership, and the features that are important to your community when deciding on a particular make and model. Historically, AED ownership has been costly, inefficient, and cumbersome. For the best AED ownership experience, look for AEDs that offer the most modern technology, a user-friendly management platform, accessible features, and flexible pricing plans.

Discover the Avive Connect AED™

In addition to being the newest AED company on the market, Avive has a number of features that set our device apart from others you may own or be familiar with. Here are a few stand outs:

Ease of Use

  • Audible & Visual Instructions
  • Intuitive Touchscreen
  • Training Capabilities


  • Cellular, Wi-Fi, & Bluetooth
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Quick Incident Data Retrieval post use


  • Compact at 2.1lbs
  • Handheld design that fits easily in a backpack or purse
  • Durable & drop tested


  • Bilingual English & Spanish
  • Universal Electrode Pads (for use on children & adults)
  • Clear Audio & Visual Instructions for Use

Innovative Management

  • Online AED Management platform, REALConnect™
  • Rechargeable Battery (no battery to replace-ever!)
  • Remote Fleet Monitoring through REALConnect Platform

Multiple Ways to Purchase

Avive is changing the game when it comes to buying, owning, using and managing AEDs. The Avive Connect AED is currently the only AED company with an online store that sells and ships our AED and products straight from the manufacturer (us) to you! Don’t spend time calling AED distributors or sifting through prices online to try and find the best deal–simply add to cart from

When purchasing the Avive Connect AED, you have two options: Explore our purchasing options.

Get in touch with an Account Executive at Avive by emailing, or give us a call and speak directly with a customer success representative, at 1 (800) 489- 4428. We can’t wait to help you!

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