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A Life Saved with the Avive AED® Ecosystem


Case Study

The following blog discusses a cardiac arrest save with an Avive Connect AED® that happened in January of 2024 at a gym in Akron, Ohio. All identifiable information has been omitted to protect the privacy of the patient and the customer. 

In January of 2024, a 40 year old mother of two signed up for a gym membership to help support her resolution to get in shape for the new year. This young mother brought her teenage daughters to the gym so they could workout together. While leaving the gym after a workout session later in the month, the mother experienced a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Fortunately, she got the immediate help she needed, including two shocks from an Avive Connect AED, and survived. 

Avive AED ecosystem

This mother survived because of a well-executed response plan and quick action from the gym manager and staff who were present during the emergency. Dive into the components of the Avive ecosystem that empowered this lifesaving response, and understand everything that went right to save a life.

We are grateful for the quick thinking and courage displayed by the gym manager and staff who intervened during this emergency to save this life. Their swift actions exemplify the power of community and the importance of being prepared to respond to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. This save was flawlessly executed, utilizing the full benefits of Avive’s platform, and we couldn’t be more honored to have played a role.

Sameer Jafri, Avive Co-Founder and CEO

Key Takeaways

  • Avive Connect AED placed in an easily accessible, visible, populated location
  • Staff trained on how to recognize SCA 
  • Staff trained on the Avive Connect AED using an Avive AED Training Cartridge 
  • Real-time notifications to alert remote facility managers
  • Quick Incident Data retrieval to support patient care
  • New pad cartridge automatically ordered through REALConnect services subscription

When it comes to cardiac arrest, one of the biggest predictors of survival is the speed with which the patient receives high-quality CPR and a shock from an AED. This woman’s life was saved because of how quickly the AED pads were placed on her body and the first shock was delivered–all of which happened in less than 3 minutes after her sudden collapse.

We are humbled and excited to keep scaling this response model – empowering quick bystander action and AED delivery ahead of EMS arrival on scene.

View the full case study here.

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