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Enable Lost Mode & 4 More Benefits of AED Connectivity


In a world increasingly intertwined with technology, there are few areas where connectivity has not yet made an impact. From coffee makers to watches to TV remotes to cat litter-boxes, the internet has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of our everyday lives, enhancing the convenience and functionality of our electronic devices (for the most part). Almost every piece of tech we use today is connected to the Internet. Yet, amidst this connectivity revolution, there has been a critical gap in connectivity, and one that has potentially lifesaving implications – the lack of connectivity in Automated External Defibrillators, or AEDs.

AEDs are public access medical devices, and the proven therapy for Sudden Cardiac Arrest: AEDs analyze a person’s heart rhythm and will deliver a lifesaving shock to restart the heart if one is necessary. Time is the biggest obstacle to cardiac arrest survival because every minute that a person is in cardiac arrest, their chances for survival decrease by 10% – underscoring the importance of quick access to defibrillators.

Traditional AEDs, despite their life saving capabilities, often operate in isolation – disconnected from the vast resources and advancements afforded by the Internet age. As we consider the importance of AED connectivity, it becomes clear that bridging this technological gap is not merely a matter of convenience but a necessity for maximizing their lifesaving impact.

Limitations of Traditional AEDs

AEDs that are not fully connected (with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS capabilities) present major challenges for maintenance, data sharing, and software updates, which has a direct impact on whether the machine is ready to save a life. 

Until recently, the AED industry has been slow to embrace the benefits of connectivity. As a result, there are millions of devices placed across the country (and world at large) that lack wireless connectivity, which results in several notable problems: 

  • AED maintenance is time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in AEDs that are NOT ready for a rescue 
  • AEDs lacking connectivity require manual inspections of every device, which is time-consuming and costly 
  • No insight into real-time location of AEDs 
  • Valuable post-cardiac arrest event data from AEDs are rarely (if ever) made available in a timely manner to physicians
  • Software updates are cumbersome at best, which result in most AEDs having outdated technology and/or guidelines

AEDs without connectivity are seen as “static” devices: they are purchased, and their capabilities stay the same – no software updates, no remote visibility, no data sharing capabilities. Without AED connectivity, there is no way to remotely monitor device status or diagnostics. Additionally, AEDs without connectivity cannot receive remote software updates, leaving them susceptible to potential malfunctions and outdated protocols. 
As we strive for more effective medical interventions, the sometimes life-threatening implications of disconnected AEDs underscore the urgent need to choose connected AEDs to safeguard communities against cardiac arrest.

4 Reasons Your AED Needs a Full Connectivity Suite

Avive’s REALConnect™ Platform is changing the way that people approach AED management and maintenance. With features like Lost Mode (to help you recover a lost or stolen AED), an interactive dashboard to display Fleet Health, and customizable notifications regarding the health status of your AEDs, Avive is making it easier than ever to maintain your AEDs and make sure they’re ready to save a life at all times.

aed wifi

1. Automated AED Maintenance and Management

Connected AEDs allow for remote device monitoring since they can connect to the cloud and share important status information through an AED program management software or online platform. So, instead of having to physically check every AED to ensure they are ready to use in an emergency, you can simply receive automatic alerts when your AED(s) need attention. 

Connectivity removes the guesswork and manual labor associated with AED maintenance and ensures these lifesaving devices are healthy and rescue ready, which, ultimately, helps to deliver better outcomes from cardiac arrest. A shocking study published by CHPI researchers found that nearly 21% of AEDs sampled nationally were NOT ready to save a life. 

2. Wirelessly Share Cardiac Arrest Event Data

Another incredible capability of connected AEDs is the speed at which post-use incident reports are made available. The data stored on an AED has important patient health information that is valuable to physicians, but cannot be accessed in a timely manner without connectivity. 

When an AED is used during a cardiac arrest emergency, the device logs information about the emergency and the therapy that is delivered. Even though this data is invaluable to healthcare providers who will treat the patient at the hospital, today, it is rarely used to inform treatment decisions. 

Connected AEDs now enable the wireless transfer of cardiac arrest event data immediately after an AED is used. Avive’s Rapid Incident Reporting can share vital information with first responders and physicians to support patient care – simply by scanning a QR code that displays after a rescue. A full Incident Report is made available after the AED is Powered Off. 

3. Remote Software Updates

Our smartphones, web browsers, and laptop computers (among other things) require regular software updates, so why should AEDs be any different? 

Software updates are easy to initiate, and for Avive Connect AEDs, they even happen automatically. These updates can offer new features, enhance the user experience and interface, or may even be used to address a potential problem with a product or update a device to match updated medical guidelines. Needless to say, it’s important to be able to receive remote software updates without having to take a device out of service to update it, or ship it back to the manufacturer for the latest software update. 

4. GPS Location Tracking

With a full connectivity suite – Cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth technologies – you are able to know where your AEDs are at all times. This is useful in a number of contexts, especially if you have an ultra-portable device that frequently gets taken to different events and locations. Or perhaps you have many hundreds of AEDs spread across the country, and need to remotely monitor their location. 

Depending on your venue, some AEDs are left outside in cabinets or publicly accessible AED towers, which means these devices may be more prone to left or misplacement. Because AEDs are lifesaving devices, if a unit goes missing, you’ll want to be able to track it down quickly. 

Avive’s REALConnect Platform gives you the ability to put your AED in Lost Mode if you are unsure of its current location or suspect it may have been stolen. In Lost Mode, you’ll receive constant updates for the  location to give you an accurate idea as to where your AED is. 

Benefits of Avive’s REALConnect Services

With the Avive Connect AED, there are no additional attachments, devices, applications, or programs that need to be purchased to gain access to its full connectivity capabilities- remote software updates, remote device health monitoring, and the like! 

Subscription to Avive’s REALConnect Services provides you with a number of additional benefits that go beyond providing advanced AED connectivity, such as: 


When it comes to Sudden Cardiac Arrest response, every second counts, and the availability of timely and effective AEDs can mean the difference between life and death. The traditional landscape of AEDs, however, is characterized by disconnected devices operating in isolation, which limits their full potential. 

By taking advantage of the full benefits of Internet connectivity, AEDs can offer many advanced features that not only make them easier to manage and maintain, but help contribute to better patient outcomes by delivering quick wireless access to incident data and ensuring AEDs are healthy and ready to save lives.

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