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Sameer Jafri
Sameer Jafri

We Support California AB 379

Revive Solutions wholeheartedly supports California’s Assembly Bill 379. AB 379 would require the same protocols used for concussions in youth and high school sports to apply to when a youth athlete appears to be suffering from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) related symptoms.
Every year in the United States, over 10,000 children die of SCA. Studies show that 1 in 300 children has an undetected heart condition. Sadly, 72% of those who die expressed a prior symptom, but it wasn’t recognized as life-threatening.
Parents, coaches, and bystanders to youth sports play a crucial role in expanding and extending the chain of survival, and it is vital that they understand how to respond to cardiac emergencies.
Concussions in youth athletes, while serious, pale in comparison to the lasting impact of SCA, as, today, SCA means death in the vast majority of cases (92%).
We stand by Assemblyman Brian Maienschein’s AB 379 and our friends at EP Save a Life.
~Sameer Jafri

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