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Common Misconceptions & Concerns

The lack of preparedness in masjids is a direct result of the lack of awareness surrounding Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and AEDs.
Let’s Change That!


You Have to Be
Medically Trained
to Use an AED

TRUTH:  MashaAllah, there are many medical professionals in the Muslim community, but you don’t need to be a doctor to use an AED. All AEDs are built for use by anyone; studies have shown that even children can use them safely! Since AEDs only deliver a shock to patients in cardiac arrest, they are safe to use by non-medical people with limited or zero training. In fact, AEDs are designed deliberately to be easy to use, by including minimal buttons and providing comprehensive voice instructions to help coach responders through the rescue process.

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TRUTH:  The main difference between Sudden Cardiac Arrest vs. heart attack is the underlying problem that occurs in the heart.

Cardiac arrest is an electrical problem where a malfunction in the heart’s electrical system causes it to stop beating. Normally, the heart is controlled by regular electrical impulses that make it beat. When SCA happens, these electrical impulses become scrambled and the heart can no longer pump blood (containing oxygen that is necessary for life) around the body. An AED is the only tool that can restart the heart in the event of cardiac arrest.

By contrast, a heart attack is when the blood supply to the heart is cut off due to blockage in an artery. This blockage causes damage to the heart and the muscle begins to die.


SCA & Heart Attack
Are the Same Thing

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AEDs Are Expensive
& Won’t Fit into
Our Masjid’s Budget

TRUTH: Avive is committed to providing a fully-featured AED and comprehensive response system for a much more affordable price.

We have made owning an AED an attainable goal for masjids with our LIFESaver Plan™, which allows an organization to buy an AED for just $349/year. That's equal to only $30/month to protect your Masjid!

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We believe every masjid in America needs an AED.