The Avive Connect AED™ - How It Works

Introducing the Avive Connect AED

The Avive Connect AED takes proven defibrillation technology and expands its benefits to the masses with first-of-its-kind capabilities.

At Avive, we're committed to providing a fully-featured AED and comprehensive response system for a much more affordable price.

REALConnect™ Redefines AEDs

The Avive Connect AED's powerful combination of cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity enables Avive's novel REALConnect technology.

Designed to wirelessly automate AED maintenance and streamline ownership, improve response to cardiac arrest emergencies, and much more. REALConnect redefines what should be expected of an AED.

The REALConnect Platform uses daily wireless monitoring to provide AED managers with complete visibility of their fleet of devices. Its quick notifications help save time and money while providing unparalleled program visibility.

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* Coming Soon * QuickRescue can automatically share the Avive Connect AED’s GPS location and important data from the AED with 911 operators while the device is in use - potentially saving valuable time while getting professional help to you during an emergency.

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The Avive Connect AED’s Rapid Incident Reporting can share valuable information with first responders and physicians to support patient care. No more cumbersome event downloads, special cables, CR-ROM software, or additional costs required to access your critical information.

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It’s about delivery. Not defibrillation.™

Intelligent Response enables 911 telecommunicators in participating 4 Minute City™ Programs to dispatch Avive Connect AEDs to nearby suspected Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims, notifying people when and where it is needed to save a life.

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Additional Features

No AED battery replacements or backorders - ever!

Simply use Avive's USB Power Adaptor and USB Charging Cable to keep your ownership costs low without impacting lifesaving performance. The Avive Connect AED is designed to be stored in its wall stand and plugged into a wall outlet to provide long-lasting power. Or, take it with you on the go for several months between charges. 

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