911 Integration

The First and Only AED to be Fully Integrated Into 911 Call Centers

Powered by Avive’s REALConnect™, we enable bidirectional data-sharing between 911 telecommunicators and the Avive Connect AED® in participating communities to streamline response and improve situational awareness during a rescue.

Enabled by Avive’s cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities


Intelligent Response™

*Available in participating 4 Minute City™ and Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) + Programs*

Developed in partnership with RapidSOS, Avive’s Intelligent Response allows 911 telecommunicators to dispatch nearby Avive Connect AEDs to people in need and then retrieve valuable data from that AED during a rescue.

In our 4 Minute City and PAD+ Programs, we work relentlessly to streamline the chain of survival to try and deliver AEDs as quickly as possible and save lives.

The name 4 Minute City references our goal to get an AED to the scene of a cardiac emergency within 4 minutes of accepting an Emergency Nearby Alert. Help from citizens in the community and technology made possible through Intelligent Response supports the 4 Minute City concept.

911 Telecommunicators can now press a button in their RapidSOS portals to alert all nearby Avive Connect AEDs of a suspected cardiac arrest. When an Avive Connect AED is within a certain radius of the emergency, the device’s screen will turn red and audibly alert anyone within earshot of the nearby cardiac arrest. AED owners can also enable Nearby Emergency SMS Alerts to receive text messages when their Avive Connect AED is notified of a nearby emergency. Once a person accepts the Nearby Emergency alert on their AED, the device will navigate them to the scene of the cardiac arrest emergency and provide step-by-step instructions for CPR and how to use the AED.

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Giving you more ways to get AEDs where they are needed, when they are needed.

With Avive's SMS Nearby Emergency Alerts

Nearby Emergency SMS Alerts provide multiple means of alerting and dispatching AED owners to cardiac arrest emergencies that are occuring closeby. AED owners can also opt into Custom Alert Zones and set up to 5 locations where they would like to receive SMS text messages for cardiac arrest emergencies that occur within one mile.

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