AllRescue™ Technology

Avive’s AllRescue Technology seeks to improve cardiac arrest outcomes for traditionally disadvantaged groups like women, children, and non-English speakers.


Child Mode

Easily deliver a low-energy shock appropriate for a child by simply pressing the built-in Child button.

Español Button

Pressing the Español button changes the audio and visual instruction from English to Spanish instantly during a rescue.


Universal Electrode Pads

Use the same set of electrode pads for adults and children, saving time in an emergency and money during ownership.

Training Device

Simply snap in our Training Cartridge and convert your lifesaving AED into a complete training device capable of running through realistic simulations and exercises.


“During our early testing, we noticed that users commonly delayed when responding to female manikins wearing a bra – even in a training environment. So, we adjusted the AED’s audio to clarify that it was ok to remove the bra, and we depicted a woman’s chest on our electrode pads to help with proper pad placement on women. The results were immediate, and users all began rapidly working through the rescue without the same hesitations. Ideally, the improved response we observed during early testing will continue during real rescues, and we can help save more lives.”

Sameer Jafri, Co-Founder & CEO Avive Solutions, Inc.


Avive Training Package


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