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REALConnect AllRescue Technology

Women are less likely to receive CPR in public than men, and their odds of survival are 23% lower than men. Black and Hispanic individuals have 37% lower odds of bystander CPR in public. And over 23,000 youth die of cardiac arrest in the United States annually.

Let’s fix that!


AED unit cartridge

The Avive Connect AED™

The first and only AED designed with graphics to depict a woman’s chest. One simple step to try and improve outcomes radically.

“During our early human factors testing, we noticed that users commonly delayed when responding to
female manikins wearing a bra - even in a training environment. So, we adjusted the AED’s audio to
clarify that it was ok to remove the bra, and we depicted a woman’s chest on our electrodes to help
with proper pad placement on women. The results were immediate, and users all began rapidly
working through the rescue without the same hesitations. Ideally, the improved response we observed
during early testing will continue during real rescues, and we can help save more lives.”

Sameer Jafri, Co-Founder and CEO

Avive Solutions, Inc.

AllRescue Technology

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to help more people.