Rechargeable Battery

Avive’s EverCharge™ Battery

Experience the ultimate convenience of a power-packed rechargeable AED battery in every Avive Connect AED®. Avive’s EverCharge Battery is the industry’s only embedded rechargeable battery that never needs to be replaced. That means no batteries to buy, replace, or install – ever. This allows for savings in the overall cost of ownership and helps ensure your AED is charged and ready to be used in case of emergency.

The Avive Connect AED is Powered by Dual Batteries

8.5 months

Up to 8.5 months of lifesaving capability with the AED battery.


5 months

Up to 5 months of screen and connectivity battery.

AED LowPowerMode screen

Easy Charging

Recharging your AED battery is effortless. Simply plug it into a power outlet and connect to your AED with Avive’s medical grade USB cable.

Your Avive Connect AED is capable of delivering therapy for up to 8.5 months and powering the screen and connectivity for up to 5 months, depending on your usage, network conditions, and charging strategy.

Receive daily battery status updates for every AED in your fleet, wirelessly, on your REALConnect™ Platform. You’ll see the battery life of your device whether you’re 50 feet away or 5,000 miles away.

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