Office AED Programs

September 08, 2020 | Last Updated: March 15, 2022

Please consider installing AEDs in your workplace

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Why aren’t you concerned about your customers and guests? ….If you don’t have an AED, do you want to be in tomorrow’s newspaper as the store that cared for someone so somebody was saved or that you didn’t care for someone to put in an AED? And then someone lost their life that could have been saved. I also tell the shop owners, if someone is going to have a cardiac arrest here, it’s most likely going to be you and you’re likely the one who’s going to be saved. So I ask, ‘would you be concerned about liability if it was your life being saved?’ And the answer is always ‘no.

Steve Tannebaum.

Liability attorney and cardiac arrest survivor


Our campaign calls upon decision-makers in workplaces … to place AEDs in the same locations as a fire extinguisher.

Michael Kurz.

MD, chair of the American Heart Association’s Systems of Care Subcommittee and associate professor at the University of Alabama School of Medicine in the Department of Emergency Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions About Office AEDs