Best Practices
for Office AED Programs

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Well-run AED programs include all three of the following core components:

CPR & AED Training

Broad AED Unit Awareness

Ongoing AED Oversight

What Kind of Training Curriculum Do I Need for My Office’s AED Program?

Research indicates that a staggering ⅔ of workers cannot locate the AED at work. Improved AED awareness can change this and will help increase the likelihood of survival.

AED awareness can take many forms: from simple informational notes provided to all new employees, annual email reminders, or routine Sudden Cardiac Arrest drills.

The best AED programs include awareness activities that extend beyond the walls of your office. For example, informing visitors, guests, and customers about your AED program.

All AEDs have batteries and electrode pads that require maintenance or replacement over time. Additionally, AED units perform self-tests to make sure that they’re ready for an emergency. Monitoring, or “oversight,” of your AEDs is important. The more AEDs your office has, the more challenging monitoring can become, so we recommend that you buy AEDs that offer connectivity so that you have access to data on the readiness of your AED fleet at any given time.

Not All Wirelessly Connected AED Units Are the Same