How to Determine the Best AED For Your School

August 31, 2020 | Last Updated: March 27, 2024

Recommendation: take into account initial AED purchase price, as well as the cost of any accessories needed to keep the device operable over time, and consider the cost of employee time that will be needed to manage the device(s).

AED Model Winner: Avive Connect AED

“For Athletic Trainers, portability is vital. We’re always carrying so much gear; it’s [an AED] another piece of equipment that we have to lug around. It’d be nice if they were smaller and lighter so that we could keep them in our normal bags.”

AED Model Weight (lbs) Approximate Volume (cubic inches)
Avive Connect AED2.192.219
Cardiac Science G36.6433.75
Cardiac Science G55.7361.08
Defibtech Lifeline4.2270.81
Defibtech Lifeline View3.0163.87
HeartSine (all models)2.4110.20
Philips HeartStart Onsite3.3110.20
Philips HeartStart FRx3.5149.95
Physio-Control LIFEPAK EXPRESS4.5319.20
Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR PLUS4.5319.20
Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR24.5365.26
ZOLL AED Plus6.7573.56

Best AED for:
Size & Weight

Recommendation: purchase the smallest and most lightweight AED possible

AED Model Winner: Avive Connect AED

Best AED for:

Recommendation: purchase an AED model that has connectivity features that allow for remote monitoring and maintenance of your device

AED Model Winner: Avive Connect AED

Best AED for:
Pediatric Capabilities

Recommendation: purchase an AED that has a pediatric button and universal electrode pads.

AED Model Winner: Avive Connect AED

Best AED for:Fully Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic

Recommendation: purchase the fully automatic version of the AED model you choose.

AED Model Winner: Avive Connect AED