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Avive Hires Meir Berkman as VP of Strategy & Business Development

Meir Team Photo

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (June 29, 2022) – Avive Solutions, Inc announces Meir Berkman as Vice President of Strategy & Business Development as a new addition to the growing team focused on developing the next-generation Automated External Defibrillator (“AED”).

Meir Berkman is an active Paramedic in New York City for Chevra Hatzalah, the largest volunteer EMS agency in the country. Berkman has been working in Public Safety for the better part of a decade and has deep expertise in digital health, home health, public safety, and collaborating with private and public payers.

Meir Team Photo
Meir Berkman, VP of Strategy & Business Development

“Very simply, Avive is driven forward by people who are eager to do good in this world. The Avive solution is elegant, thoughtful, and will empower everyday citizens to help others during their greatest time of need,” says Berkman. “Avive has taken the first major step in bringing automated defibrillation technology into the present. I’m excited about a future where cardiac arrest mortality is driven down, where victims are able to receive quick and efficient care, and where families are able to enjoy longer futures together.”

Most notably, prior to joining Avive, Meir was at RapidSOS, where he focused on strengthening their relationships with Public Safety agencies and worked to develop a comprehensive healthcare strategy. From there, he joined Butterfly Network (NYSE: BFLY) to lead healthcare partnerships.

“We are thrilled to add Meir to our leadership team,” says Sameer Jafri, CEO of Avive Solutions. “With his unique expertise at the intersection of Public Safety and healthcare from his time at RapidSOS and Butterfly, I’m confident that he will contribute greatly as we build out and scale our platform technology to address cardiac arrest emergencies. More importantly, I know he’s going to fit in perfectly to our mission-driven culture, as he practices what he preaches by continuing to volunteer as a paramedic in a very active New York-based EMS system.”

About Avive Solutions, Inc.

Avive Solutions, Inc is a San Francisco-based privately-held healthcare technology company developing a next-generation automated external defibrillator and novel software platform to significantly increase survival rates from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Stay up to date by subscribing to our newsletter: and following us on LinkedIn: and Twitter: @AviveSolutions.

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