4 Minute City™ Program

A wealth of data say that rapid defibrillation saves lives, and the sooner people receive a shock from an AED, the higher their chances of survival. Avive’s 4 Minute Cities strive to make an AED available within 4 minutes of collapse from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

At Avive, we’ve developed a comprehensive response solution that intends to take a systematic approach to increase bystander intervention, decrease time-to-defibrillation, and get valuable data to the people who need it, when they need it.

Often survival is spoken about in terms of statistics. But those numbers represent real people. And while we need to celebrate our wins and our positive outcomes, the thing that drives me is a different number; the patients that did not survive their arrest. I am looking forward to bringing my experience working with forward thinking system leaders to create a tipping point in OHCA survival to the 4 Minute City Program.”

Julie Buckingham, Community Programs Coordinator at Avive Solutions

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The 4 Minute City Program aims to make an Avive AED available within 4 minutes of collapse from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) through first-of-its kind AED technology, strategic, data-driven placement of AEDs in homes, and massive community training and awareness activities.

The Avive Connect AED’s connectivity capabilities help to bridge the actions of bystanders, 911 dispatchers, Fire/EMS, and healthcare providers to create a cohesive prehospital system of response.  


“Today, there’s an over reliance on Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to be the first to deliver a shock to a patient. Fire and EMS personnel do everything in their power to respond to OHCA emergencies as quickly as they can, but the reality is most often response times will be at least 8-12 minutes given intense demands on the system. When every second counts, in order to meaningfully improve survival rates, it’s necessary for the earliest stakeholders in the Chain of Survival—bystanders and 911 dispatchers—to be empowered to be a much more prominent part of the solution.”  

Sameer Jafri, CEO and Co-Founder of Avive Solutions  

Download our detailed guide to learn more about how our response solution can help your community improve out-of-hospital cardiac arrest outcomes with a customized and data-driven AED deployment approach!