AED Incident Report Data

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REALConnect Incident Reporting

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) happens ~1,000 times per day in the United States. Whenever an AED is used during one of these emergencies, important information is captured about a patient that can guide a clinician's treatment decisions. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly rare for incident data from an AED to get to the providers promptly.

Healthcare providers are often forced to make important clinical decisions without complete information, wondering what caused the SCA to occur in the first place, which could impact the treatment plan for a patient.

Incident Reporting
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AED incident report data is easily accessible on the Avive Connect AED™ through a QR code that displays after a rescue. Fire and EMS responders can scan the code to access summary AED incident report data, and a full Incident Report can be downloaded by first responders, the emergency department that receives the patient, and the cardiologist that determines the future care for the patient.

AED incident data

“I think a major unmet need in the whole industry has been getting data
from AEDs to providers. Getting data from the field is so important and often
under-appreciated until you have it and you realize just how valuable it is…It's
essential to get all the information you can from the field and from the EMS providers
before they leave because once they’re gone, the information’s gone.
This is especially salient in the world of AEDs because AEDs are not really,
in current practice, a part of a system.”

Ben Abella, MD, MPHIL

Director, Center for Resuscitation Science, University of Pennsylvania