Quick Data Retrieval

Easy Access to Incident Reports

With traditional AEDs, it’s incredibly rare for incident data from an AED to get to the providers promptly. As a result, healthcare professionals are often forced to make important clinical decisions with incomplete information. Until now!

To make it easier to share and use emergency data post cardiac arrest, we’ve given you three ways to access your AED’s data:

  • On Your Avive Connect AED®
  • On Your REALConnect™ Platform 
  • Online

After use, the device displays an Incident ID and a QR Code, both of which can be used to access emergency data from the AED, either on scene by first responders or downstream by medical providers.

Incident Report

Avive’s Incident Report includes a summary of cardiac arrest data including a full ECG recording of the entire incident and shock data along with usage time stamps – all of which get immediately sent to the cloud post event. After use, the device displays an Incident ID which can be relayed to downstream providers for the patient even prior to arrival at the hospital.

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