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We Are

We’re a team of engineers, doctors, and innovators, a team of first responders, families, and friends on a mission to significantly increase survival rates from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.


We started with a seemingly simple idea – that anyone can and should be able to positively impact the outcome of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) rescue. Our three Co-Founders met at an industry conference that was focused on Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) prevention, where their complementary skills and background quickly came together to share a vision for the profound impact that a more effective solution could have on thousands of families every year.

With Rory and Moseley’s technical expertise and a novel AED concept they had developed at MIT, combined with Sameer’s experience in SCA prevention through his non-profit organization – Saving Hearts Foundation, the three co-founded Avive in 2017. Today we are a committed team of inventors, creative thinkers, and problem-solvers who are intensely driven to achieve our collective mission of significantly increasing SCA survival rates with our next-generation AED and response system.

Our story is just beginning, and we hope you’ll come write it with us.

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Meet the amazing people on our team!

Sameer Jafri


Rory Beyer

President / COO

Moseley Andrews


Mike Perry

Executive Chairman & Chairman of Board

Eric Lang

VP of Operations & Quality

Micah Bongberg

VP of Commercialization

Fouzia Babar

VP of Business Operations

Jess Koenig

Head of People

Chris Kohlbrecher

Director of Software

Jimy Pesin

Director of Systems Engineering

Greg Feneis

Senior Electrical Engineer

Dan Galkowski

Software Architect

Chris Lawson

Senior Firmware Engineer

Carly Jackson

Public Access Defibrillator Specialist

Gaurav Rao

Software Architect

Richard Denton

Lead Quality Assurance Engineer

Priscilla Agosto

Mechanical Engineer

Golda Cenadoza

Quality Specialist

Andreea Martin

Electrical Engineer

Deval Gupta

Firmware Engineer

Andrew Galkowski

Software Engineer

Manasvi Sharma

Manufacturing Engineer

Marta Sanchez

Quality Assurance Specialist

Ben Yuan

Senior Firmware Engineer

Gina Rodriguez

Marketing Manager

Yvette Tam

Visual Designer

McKenzie Ycmat

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Michael Robinson

Embedded Test Engineer

Bob Barrera

Senior Materials Analyst

Jeff Trost

Board Member

Amir Jafri

Board Member

Darshana Zaveri

Board Member


Megan Moynahan

FDA Strategist

Darlene Crockett-Billig

Regulatory Advisor

Dr. Ronald Berger

Medical Advisor

Dr. Fred St. Goar

Medical Advisor

Dr. Maulik Majmudar

Medical Advisor

Dr. Joseph Smith

Medical Advisor

Dr. Ricardo Martinez

Medical Advisor

Mark Hermes

Strategic Advisor

Mark Taylor

Strategic Advisor

Dr. Frank Laws

Clinical Expert & Medical Advisor

Meir Berkman

Public Safety & Healthcare Advisor

Walt Bochenko

R&D / Quality System Advisor

Joseph Calabro

Operations/Manufacturing Advisor

Dr. Asif Ali

Medical Advisor



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Get the Latest Updates

Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to learn about all of the Avive Connect AED’s features and capabilities as we unveil them. What you see here is just the beginning!