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Who We Are

We’re a team of engineers, doctors, and innovators, a team of first responders, families, and friends on a mission to significantly increase survival rates from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Our Story

We started with a seemingly simple idea – that anyone can and should be able to positively impact the outcome of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) rescue. Our three Co-Founders met at an industry conference that was focused on Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) prevention, where their complementary skills and background quickly came together to share a vision for the profound impact that a more effective solution could have on thousands of families every year.

With Rory and Moseley’s technical expertise and a novel AED concept they had developed at MIT, combined with Sameer’s experience in SCA prevention through his non-profit organization – Saving Hearts Foundation, the three co-founded Avive in 2017. Today we are a committed team of inventors, creative thinkers, and problem-solvers who are intensely driven to achieve our collective mission of significantly increasing SCA survival rates with our next-generation AED and response system.

Our story is just beginning, and we hope you’ll come write it with us.

Our Team

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Avive’s investors are leaders in the healthcare industry. We are excited to work with them on building a successful future for Avive!
Greenbox Ventures
Rock Health
HealthTech Capital
Irish Angels
The Physicians &
Partners of Patients ER

MidAmerica Ventures

The Physicians & Partners of Elite Care Rice Village
Hippocrates VC
Rezon 8
Shepherd Growth Partners
Physicians & Partners of Hospitality Health ER
Master Medical Equipment

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