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Challenging the Status Quo at 2023’s Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit 

Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit

Our team had the privilege to attend the 2023 Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit (CASS) in beautiful San Diego, a conference and expo hosted once every two years by the esteemed Citizen CPR organization. The event brought together leading minds in the field of resuscitation and cardiac arrest response as well as survivors and co-survivors of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). We were honored to connect and share space this year with survivors, innovators, and non-profit leaders in the field, and for us, this year felt particularly special.

We were fortunate to have six members of our team in attendance–leading demos, participating in workshops, and speaking to experts from every link in the chain of survival. The conversations had and stories shared reinvigorated the team, and served as a reminder of how it truly takes a system to save a life. 

Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit: Respond. Revive. SURVIVE.

The Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit’s theme this year was Challenging the Status Quo: Respond, Revive, SURVIVE and we feel that our device and mission fit the bill. 

Between reimagining the way individuals purchase and access AEDs–with a direct to consumer model and online store–to re-envisioning the connectivity capabilities of an automated external defibrillator, the Avive Connect AED is truly challenging the status quo with the goal of saving more lives in the process. 

Here are just a few ways we’re challenging the status quo: 

  • A truly portable AED (2.1lbs) that can go more places 
  • Easy, streamlined access to emergency incident data, retrievable on the device, via QR Code, or online in REALConnect 
  • Automating AED Maintenance with the REALConnect Platform, so AEDs in the field are always ready to save a life 
  • Developing and launching 4 Minute City™ Programs (learn more
  • Direct to consumer purchasing model, where individuals and organizations can purchase AEDs directly from
  • With a contemporary leasing program, Avive’s LIFESaver Plan makes buying an AED attainable for the individual

Standout Speakers & Sessions

Avive’s Chief of Commercialization, Micah Bongberg, participated in the pre-conference workshop, “The Innovative Red Cross Approach to Saving Lives and Transforming Healthcare,” where he shared about rapid post-incident data retrieval capabilities on the Avive Connect AED. 

Our friend Dr. Benjamin Abella gave a presentation “Innovations in AED Delivery: The 4 Minute City Model,” where he discussed the 4 Minute City Program and the work being done by communities across the country in implementing the Avive solution. 

Among some of our team’s favorite sessions were, “Psychological Distress After a CPR Response: PulsePoint Findings and Resources,” and “Who Cares for Those Who Care? Development of Post Incident Care For Bystanders Involved in Performing CPR,” both of which felt particularly relevant as we get more devices out in the community in the hands of all kinds of responders.

40 Under 40 Award: Co- Founder Rory Beyer

We also had a reason to celebrate last week as our co-founder and President Rory Beyer was included among the outstanding individuals recognized in the year’s class of 40 Under 40, alongside changemakers like Damar Hamlin, our partner Asheleigh Forsburg from the Peyton Walker Foundation, and others. This recognition not only acknowledges Rory’s hard work in spearheading the FDA approval and commercialization of the Avive Connect AED over this past year, but also underscores Avive’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of cardiac emergency response. 

Rory joins our other co-founder and CEO Sameer Jafri and our Public Access Defibrillator specialist Carly Jackson in receiving this 40 Under 40 recognition from Citizen CPR. 

From SCA prevention to developing disruptive therapeutic SCA technology, Rory and the team, “seeks to make Avive the most accessible and portable AED unit on the market, so that it will be available to anyone in need, regardless of their age, location, or other demographics. To help ensure accessibility, the Avive AED is smaller, lighter, more portable, and more affordable than other AEDs on the market today, allowing an AED to get to a patient where and when it’s needed,” shared Chief of Commercialization, Micah Bongberg.

Closing Thoughts

As we reflect on CASS 2023, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be part of such a special event and transformative group of people. The connections made, insights gained, and honors received only strengthen our resolve to continue innovating and contributing to the collective mission of improving cardiac arrest survival rates. Together, we are making strides toward a world where no witnessed cardiac arrest goes untreated. 

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