AED IP Rating Explained: What Does IP Code Tell About AEDs

March 18, 2021 | Last Updated: January 13, 2023

“We have our AED in a backpack. We toss it in the back of the golf cart and go! It has to be ready for the elements, like the rain, because we take it everywhere.”

Tara Grubbs

Head Athletic Trainer Pearce High School

AED Make/Model IP Rating
Avive Connect AED54
Cardiac Science – G3 Plus24
Cardiac Science – G555
Cardiac Science – G3 Pro24
Defibtech – Lifeline54
Defibtech – View55
Defibtech – ECG55
HeartSine – PAD 350P56
HeartSine – PAD 450P56
Philips – Onsite21
Philips – FRx55
Philips – FR355
Physio Control – ExpressX4
Physio Control – CRPlusX4
Physio Control – LifePak 100055
Physio Control – CR255
ZOLL – AED Plus55
ZOLL – AED Pro55
ZOLL – AED 355