CPR During Covid-19

Bystander CPR During Covid-19: Survey

Introduction Survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) largely depends on the prompt actions of bystanders to intervene…

children can use aed unit

AED Units: So Simple that Children Can Use Them?

When a teacher at Georges-Vanier high school in Montreal suddenly lost consciousness, it was not the school nurse or…

AED And CPR On Pregnant Women How to Perform

AED And CPR On Pregnant Women: How to Perform

Maternal cardiac arrest, when pregnant women suffer from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, is a large and growing problem in…

Cost of Life report

The Cost of Life

“A nearly persistent vegetative state that will require full-time care for the remainder of his life.” This…

AEDs Save Lives – We Just Need More of Them

How Big is the AED Shortage?

Early defibrillation has been touted in the medical community as the most critical factor in the survival…

AEDs in Fitness Facilities

AEDs in Fitness Facilities Save 9 out of 10 Victims

In an 18-year study published in the European Society of Cardiology Congress, physicians estimate that the probability of…

AEDs Save Lives – We Just Need More of Them

AEDs Save Lives – We Just Need More of Them

In a cardiac arrest, timely intervention is crucial. In an Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA), survival…

understanding sudden cardiac arrest by mary newman

SCA Awareness and Messaging Study: Creating a Culture of Action

Written By: Mary M. Newman, President & CEO of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is…

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