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Legislative Victory for the Dominic Murray Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act

Legislative Victory for the Dominic Murray Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act

June 25, 2021 | Last Updated: November 01, 2021
Dominic and his mom

Dominic Murray's Sudden Cardiac Arrest Story

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) refers to a condition in which the heart stops pumping blood abruptly due to a disruption in the heart’s electrical rhythm. Without a proper heartbeat, SCA disables the flow of blood to vital organs, including the brain, and causes death within minutes.  What many do not know about SCA, is that it is the leading cause of death among young athletes. While exercise and other healthy lifestyle choices can prevent many cardiac emergencies, over exertion can often exacerbate underlying structural heart anomalies.


Dominic Murray, an active high school student and athlete, fell victim to Sudden Cardiac Arrest when he was only 17. Those who witnessed his collapse did not recognize that he was in distress, which delayed initiating CPR and immediate access to an AED. Since then, Dominic’s mother, Melinda Murray-Nyack, and other heart-health focused organizations have been working hard to promote and support a bill that would ensure that public and non-public schools, students, and parents are provided with critical, lifesaving information on SCA risks, signs, and symptoms. In doing so, it would protect young hearts and save lives from SCA. 


Dominic was 1 in 300 at risk, but I didn’t know until his sudden death. By then it was too late. Sudden cardiac arrest and death in the young is preventable, but it doesn’t happen by luck or chance. That’s why the Dominic Murray Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act is so important.”

Melinda Murray-Nyack


The Dominic Murray Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act was first introduced to the New York State Legislature nearly 10 years ago by Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry and Senator James Gaughran. The bill passed unanimously through both the New York State Assembly and the Senate. On October 25, 2021 it was signed into law by Governor Kathy Hochul.

This has been a very long process for everyone involved, and we are very proud to have helped support Dominic’s Bill! Thank you Melinda Murray-Nyack, everyone with the Dominic A. Murray 21 Memorial Foundation, Inc., and many others for all of your hard work and dedication!


How to Save A Life from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

You can save a life from Sudden Cardiac Arrest by immediately doing three simple things: call 911, perform Hands-Only CPR, and use an AED. We have created a guide that teaches you how to CALL-PUSH-SHOCK and save a life, take a look!