Author: Micah Bongberg

VP Commercialization at Avive

bystander Effect

What is the Bystander Effect?

The bystander effect refers to reluctance by witnesses to help a person in distress such as a…

how to use an aed

CPR vs. AED Training: What’s the Difference?

Life is full of surprises, it pays to be prepared! Each day in the U.S., over 1,000 people suffer…

AED Rescue Kit - What are Universal Precautions?

What are Universal Precautions?

Working in a hospital setting is not an easy job. Working with patients can be dangerous if…

When Not to Use a Defibrillator: Do’s and Don’ts of Using an AED

When Not to Use a Defibrillator: Do’s and Don’ts of Using an AED

Knowing when not to use an AED is just as important as knowing how to use one, and where…

chain of survival

Chain of Survival

Sudden cardiac arrest happens when the heart stops functioning and is one of the leading causes of death in…

Peytons Law

Peyton’s Law Passed in Pennsylvania


women are 27% less to receive cpr

Why Women Less Likely to Get CPR From Bystanders

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) saves lives! In fact, besides using an Automated External Defibrillator, CPR is one of the…

Why Is Maintenance of AED Important

Why Is Maintenance of AED Important? Problems with AED Machine

Imagine this: It’s late, and weirdly quiet; the grocery store you’re at is about to close and…

AED-Good Samaritan Laws Protect Rescuers

The Law Protects AED Rescuers

Did you know that the law actually encourages lay people and bystanders to perform CPR and to…

aeds are not everywhere

4 Reasons AEDs Aren’t Everywhere

I asked Dr. Asif Ali, a renowned cardiologist in Texas, “Where should AEDs be placed to improve survival…

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