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CEO at Avive

Mr. Robbie Bowers

Athletic Trainer Builds AED Program

How Robbie Bowers Pioneered a Culture of AED Safety & Removed the Question of “What if?” from…

Cardioversion Vs Defibrillation

Demystifying Four Common AED Myths

Thanks to TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Med, most people think of defibrillators as complex,…

Life-Saving Tasks for Youth Coach Should Perform

4 Life-Saving Tasks Every Youth Coach Should Perform Today

As we’ve shared previously, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of death in youth sports,…

Recent SCA AED Studies

Recent SCA & AED Studies Validate Shaquille O’Neal’s Awareness Campaign

People have increased chances of surviving an exercise-induced sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) if it occurs in a…

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We Support California AB 379

Avive Solutions wholeheartedly supports California’s Assembly Bill 379. AB 379 would require the same protocols used for concussions…

sleek new AED on wall

Avive Solutions – Our Promise to You

Welcome to the first post in Avive’s blog series! My name is Sameer Jafri and I’m the…