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Employee Spotlight: Smooth Shipping & Receiving with Tony Luo


For this installment of our Employee Spotlight Blog series, we’re highlighting a member of Avive’s Manufacturing, Operations & Quality Team, Tony Luo. As Distribution Supervisor, Tony helps coordinate shipping, order fulfillment, and the delivery of Avive products to our customers all across the country. Tony has spent most of his career working in shipping and materials handling within a range of different industries–biotech, fashion, and medical device companies, and, most recently, worked in sales for a company in South San Francisco. 

As we’re ramping up order fulfillment and scaling production, it makes sense to highlight the man responsible for coordinating it all. Tony is always on his feet, and is one of the most hardworking people at Avive–and in this dedicated bunch, that’s saying something! 

Get to know a crucial member of Avive’s team and read more about Tony’s background, interests, and how he’s helping customers receive their products each and every day.

Q&A with Tony Luo

What were you doing before supervising distribution at Avive?

Before Avive I was working for a biotech company in Oyster Point. I was managing sales related to stem cells. That job was actually too much sitting for me! I like how I am always up and moving at Avive. 

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Hardworking, helpful, and adventurous.

What was your first job?

My first job was working in a restaurant. I started by working as a kitchen helper, then became a chef, and then ended up running the whole restaurant! I think today I am still a pretty good cook (with what I know how to cook, that is)!

How would you describe your Manufacturing, Operations & Quality team at Avive?

The people that I work with here at Avive really make a difference. We have a great team and we work together pretty well. We’re all willing to help each other out because each of us has different strengths, and whatever I ask the team or they ask of me, we always get it done. When my workload gets heavy, my team is always there to support me, and I like to do whatever I can to make the daily work easier for everyone!

What has been your favorite project at Avive?

Getting organized and making the work flow together smoothly! When I joined the company, the warehouse was not even fully put together, so it was a lot of work to make the space for everything we need to ship and receive.

It’s kind of like a little puzzle because in the warehouse, things are always shifting and you have to be on top of where everything is all the time and what might be coming in or going out.

What are your hobbies?

I’ve been in San Francisco for 40 years, but I’d say my main hobby is to travel. If I had the extra time right now, I would like to be traveling and experiencing different cultures. I have had the opportunities to visit a lot of countries in Asia, and I think in the future, I’d like to explore Europe more. I have been to Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, and I think I would like to backpack around Europe. There is so much to see there, you could never see it all! 

What is something about Sudden Cardiac Arrest that you wish more people knew about? 

I’ve always been healthy, so I actually never really paid much attention to the risk of cardiac arrest before working at Avive. I hear about them all the time now, though, and I’ve realized how often these cardiac arrests really do occur. I wish more people knew that cardiac arrest happens much more often than they might think or know. 

What is your favorite piece of advice you’ve been given? 

Don’t go chasing after money. Focus on what you enjoy doing and the money will follow you. 

Avive is Hiring!

Avive is looking for motivated, hardworking individuals who are passionate about creating innovative solutions that save lives–whether your strength is full stack engineering or storytelling, we have a spot for you on our team.

 If you’re interested in joining us on our mission to save lives from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, please take a look at all of our open positions on our Careers Page, or visit our GlassDoor to see why our employees believe Avive is an awesome place to work!

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