AED Size and Weight Dimension Guide

March 18, 2021 | Last Updated: January 13, 2023

“For Athletic Trainers, portability is vital. We’re always carrying so much gear; it’s another piece of equipment that we have to lug around. It’d be nice if they were smaller and lighter so that we could keep them in our normal bags.”

Robbie Bowers

Head Athletic Trainer, Rancho Bernardo High School (San Diego, California)

AED Make Model Weight (lbs)
Avive Connect AED2.1
Cardiac Science – G3 Plus6.6
Cardiac Science – G55.7
Cardiac Science – G3 Pro6.6
Defibtech – Lifeline4.2
Defibtech – View<3
Defibtech – ECG<3
HeartSine – PAD 350P2.4
HeartSine – PAD 450P2.4
HeartSine Connected AED2.8
Philips – Onsite3.3
Philips – FRx3.5
Philips – FR33.5
Physio Control – Express4.5
Physio Control – CRPlus4.5
Physio Control – LifePak 10007.1
Physio Control – CR24.5
ZOLL – AED Plus6.7
ZOLL – AED Pro6.5
ZOLL – AED 35.5
AED Make/Model Height (in) Width (in) Depth (in) Volume (cubic inches)*
Avive Connect AED5.636.302.6092.219
Cardiac Science – G3 Plus12.410.63.3433.752
Cardiac Science – G511.893.4361.08
Cardiac Science – G3 Pro12.410.63.3433.752
Defibtech – Lifeline11.88.52.7270.81
Defibtech – View9.57.32.3159.505
Defibtech – ECG9.57.32.3159.505
HeartSine – PAD 350P87.251.9110.2
HeartSine – PAD 450P87.251.9110.2
Philips – Onsite8.37.42.8171.976
Philips – FRx8.97.12.4151.656
Philips – FR38.75.32.7124.497
Physio Control – Express9.584.2319.2
Physio Control – CRPlus9.584.2319.2
Physio Control – LifePak 100010.99.23.4340.952
Physio Control – CR23.88.910.8365.256
ZOLL – AED Plus11.59.55.25573.5625
ZOLL – AED Pro9.49.23259.44
ZOLL – AED 359.39.7451.05