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AEDs for Gyms & Fitness Facilities

AED for gym

It’s safe to assume that the members of your gym or sports team are likely part of your organization because they want to stay active. We all know that exercise is good for your heart and overall health. But did you also know that exercise can increase risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)? 

SCA is the leading cause of death among people over the age of 40 in the United States and tragically claims the lives of more student-athletes than any other condition. If left untreated, people suffering from SCA will die within minutes. Learn more about Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Fortunately, there is a simple and effective treatment. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) provide life-saving defibrillation shocks to patients whose hearts have stopped beating due to SCA. For athletic facilities and sports teams, having an AED nearby is proven to save the majority of people who go into SCA in the gym or on the court. Keep your members, staff, athletes, fans, and community safe by obtaining an AED for your organization!

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Happens…And AEDs Save Lives! 

Although gym-goers and athletes are often presumed to be some of the healthiest people, they are still at risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. In fact, athletes are estimated to be 3x more likely to suffer SCA than non-athletes. Learn more about the risk of SCA in athletes.

Fortunately, Automated External Defibrillators can save the lives of athletes and gym-goers that suffer SCA. In fact, Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims are over 9x more likely to survive in a gym with an AED than in a gym without an AED! 

Meet Bill who saved the life of 16-year-old Lexi with an AED when she suffered Sudden Cardiac Arrest at the gym.

Frequently Asked Questions about AEDs for Gyms and Athletics

Is my gym legally required to have an AED?

Some states have legislation that legally requires gyms to have an AED on site. Check to see if your state is among them.

What is the most affordable or least expensive AED?

When it comes to AEDs, it is important to remember that purchasing the device is not the only expense that you will incur!AEDs have both an upfront purchase price as well as something called Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). TCO is the operating cost of the device over a period of time and includes both the upfront purchase price plus the cost of replacing components, such as the battery and electrode pads, when they expire.

How many AEDs does my gym or athletic facility need?

 Another way to think about this question is: how long will it take to retrieve the AED in the event of a cardiac arrest emergency? Every second matters when it comes to saving the life of a cardiac arrest victim, so you want to have an AED nearby. Check out this guide to see where and how many AEDs you should have in your facility. As a general rule, you want to have an AED within a two minute round-trip from anywhere in your facility.

Where should I put the AEDs in my gym?

You might wonder…is it OK to put an AED behind the front desk? Or maybe…how far can an AED be from gym equipment? The short answer is that AEDs should be put in public, accessible places in your facility that are no more than a two minute round-trip from a potential cardiac arrest emergency. To learn more about what this looks like, check out this AED placement guide.

How do I prepare for a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Emergency?

Having an AED is an important part of preparing for SCA. However, to make sure you and your organization are fully ready to respond to these emergencies, learn more about implementing a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Response Plan. These plans provide simple, practical steps for making sure you are ready to respond to cardiac arrest. 



Can Sudden Cardiac Arrest be prevented in student-athletes?

SCA often strikes with little warning and the first symptom may be death. However there is something you can do to reduce risk and help prevent SCA! Learn more about how cardiac screening can identify young people who are at risk of SCA.

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