AED Batteries: Cost and Replacement Guide

March 18, 2021 | Last Updated: July 27, 2021
AED Make/Model Battery Lifespan (Years)* AED Battery Price AED Battery Price per Year of Lifespan
Cardiac Science G3 Plus4$398$99.50
Cardiac Science G3 Pro4$398$99.50
Cardiac Science G54$395$98.75
Defibtech Lifeline5$172$34.40
Defibtech View4$183$45.75
Defibtech View ECG4$183$45.75
HeartSine PAD 350P4$186$46.50
HeartSine PAD 450P4$186$46.50
HeartSine Connected AED4$186$46.50
Philips Onsite4$169$42.25
Philips FRx4$169$42.25
Philips FR33$270$90.00
Physio Control Express2$110$55.00
Physio Control CR Plus2$110$55.00
Physio Control LifePak 10004$389$97.25
Physio Control CR24$250$62.50
ZOLL AED Plus5$42.95$8.59
ZOLL AED Pro4$168$42.00
ZOLL AED 34$160$40.00