AED Price Comparison & Cost of Ownership

March 18, 2021 | Last Updated: January 17, 2023
AED Make/Model Initial AED Purchase Price* (Minimum Advertised Price MAP)
Avive Connect AED$1649.99
Cardiac Science – G3 PlusDiscontinued (was $1,445.00)
Cardiac Science – G5$1,820.00
Cardiac Science – G3 ProDiscontinued (was $2550)
Defibtech – Lifeline AUTO AED$1,315.00
Defibtech Lifeline View AED$1,655.00
Defibtech Lifeline View ECG AED$2,345.00
HeartSine – PAD 350P & 360P$1,315.00
HeartSine – PAD 450P$1,503.00
HeartSine Connected AED (includes Gateway module)$1795.00
Philips – Onsite AED$1,389.00
Philips – FRx AED$2,099.00
Philips – FR3 AEDDiscontinued (was $2520.00)
Physio Control – ExpressDiscontinued (was $1,435.00)
Physio Control – CR PlusDiscontinued (was $1845.00)
Physio Control – LifePak 1000$2,771.00
Physio Control – CR2$2,095.00
ZOLL – AED Plus$1,799.00
ZOLL – AED Pro$2,995.00
ZOLL – AED 3$1995.00
SKU Description Price
Semi-automatic, Wi-Fi connected, English language, with handle$2,115
Semi-automatic, Wi-Fi connected, English language with bag$2,284
Fully automatic, Wi-Fi Connected, English/Spanish, with Bag$2,512
Fully automatic, Wi-Fi connected, English/Spanish language, with Handle$2,420
Fully automatic, USB, English Only, with Handle$2,215
AED Make/Model Pediatric Electrode Pad Price Initial AED Purchase Price (Minimum Advertised Price MAP) + Pediatric Electrode Pads
Avive Connect AEDN/A (Universal Pads)$1649.99
Cardiac Science – G3 Plus$101Discontinued
Cardiac Science – G5$102$3,298
Cardiac Science – G3 Pro$101Discontinued
Defibtech – Lifeline AUTO AED$107$2,101.71
Defibtech Lifeline View AED$112$2,487.74
Defibtech Lifeline View ECG AED$112$3,626.36
HeartSine – PAD 350P & 360P$236$1,986
HeartSine – PAD 450P$236$2,174
Philips – Onsite AED$115$2,135
Philips – FRx AED$111 (infant/child key)$2,157
Philips – FR3 AED$115 (infant/child key)Discontinued
Physio Control – Express$144Discontinued
Physio Control – CR Plus$144$1,989
Physio Control – LifePak 1000$132$2,903
Physio Control – CR2N/A (Universal Pads)$2,518
ZOLL – AED Plus$108Discontinued
ZOLL – AED Pro$99$2994
ZOLL – AED 3N/A (Universal Pads)$3,298
AED Make/Model Battery price Battery Lifespan (Years) Adult Electrode pad Price Adult Electrode Pad Lifespan (Years)
Avive Connect AEDN/A RechargeableN/A Rechargeable$99.952
Cardiac Science – G3 Plus$398.004$51.002
Cardiac Science – G5$395.004$69.00 (Regular) ; $225 (iCPR pads)2
Cardiac Science – G3 Pro$398.004$51.002
Defibtech – Lifeline$172.005$61.002
Defibtech - View$183.004$66.002
Defibtech - ECG$183.004$66.002
HeartSine – PAD 350P$199.004(included w/ battery)(included w/ battery)
HeartSine – PAD 450P$199.004(included w/ battery)(included w/ battery)
HeartSine Connected AED (includes Gateway module)$199.004(included w/ battery)(included w/ battery)
Philips – Onsite$175.004$75.002
Philips – FRx$175.004$62.002
Philips – FR3$289.003$46.002
Physio Control – Express$118.002(included w/ battery)(included w/ battery)
Physio Control – CR Plus$118.002(included w/ battery)(included w/ battery)
Physio Control – LifePak 1000$46.004$43.002
Physio Control – CR2$268.004$155.004
ZOLL – AED Plus$42.955$177.455
ZOLL – AED Pro$498.00 (Rechargeable)4$177.005
ZOLL – AED 3$160.004$175.005
AED Make/Model Initial AED Purchase Price (Minimum Advertised Pricing - MAP) TCO After 8 Years (includes cost of batteries, adult pads, and child pads for units that need them)
Avive Connect AED$1649.99$3,049.92
Cardiac Science – G3 Plus$1,445.00$2,445
Cardiac Science – G5$1,820.00$2,886
Cardiac Science – G3 Pro$2,550$2,650
Defibtech – Lifeline AUTO AED$1,315.00$1,903
Defibtech Lifeline View AED$1,655.00$2,285
Defibtech Lifeline View ECG AED$2,345.00$2975
HeartSine – PAD 350P & 360P$1,315.00$1,713.00
HeartSine – PAD 450P$1,503.00$1,901.00
HeartSine Connected AED (includes Gateway module)$1,795.00$2,193.00
Philips – Onsite AED$1,389.00$2,039.00
Philips – FRx AED$2,099.00$2,697
Philips – FR3 AED$2,520.00$3,571.00
Physio Control – Express$1,435.00$1,907.00
Physio Control – CR Plus$1,845.00$2175
Physio Control – LifePak 1000$2,771.00$3108
Physio Control – CR2$2,095.00$2190
ZOLL – AED Plus$1,799.00$2,310.00
ZOLL – AED Pro$2,995.00$4,345.00
ZOLL – AED 3$1,995.00$2,665.00