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The AEDs on the market today have a number of differences. Everything from price, to battery life. Use this AED comparison tool to learn how today’s AEDs compare.

Avive Life AED
Avive Connect AEDTM
$349 per year / $1,395

Avive Connect AED vs.

Avive Connect AED
Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR2


Avive’s Connect AED is the newest defibrillator to hit the market, released in 2023, and falls on the low to middle end of the cost spectrum. At 2.1lbs, it is the smallest, lightest FDA approved AED with on the fly bilingual capabilities and a child button that eliminates the need for separate pads or a pediatric key. Fully connected to Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS, it is the first and only AED to offer full, bidirectional integration with 911 call centers. Its software can be updated remotely and it is also the first device to display a female chest in the on-screen graphic instructions.

The LIFEPAK CR2 launched in 2019 and is on the higher-end of the cost spectrum given its universal pads and child button option–making the device more accessible for all types of patients. The AED also offers daily testing which will check for the pad expiration. The CR2 has several version options–including one with WiFi capabilities, one with a handle for easy transport, and a bilingual version.

Note: Physio-Control was acquired by Stryker in 2016 and is now under the Stryker umbrella.

AED Initial Purchase Price


$2,662 (fully automatic version)

Battery Price



Battery Life Span

N/A Rechargeable

4 years

Pads Price Per Unit



Electrode Pads Lifespan

Pediatric Electrode Pads Price Per Unit

Pediatric Pads Lifespan

Fully Automatic

Remote Monitoring

AED Warranty


Dimensions (L x H x D inches)

IP Rating

Training Capabilities

In-Rescue Bilingual

In-Rescue Child Mode

Total Cost of Ownership (w/out connectivity over 10 years)

Total Cost of Ownership (w/ongoing connectivity over 10 years)

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