How to Choose the Best AED for Your Office

September 10, 2020 | Last Updated: January 17, 2023

Best AED for:
AED Price

Recommendation: take into account initial AED purchase price, as well as the cost of any accessories needed to keep the device operable over time, and consider the cost of employee time that will be needed to manage the device(s).

AED Model Winner: Avive Connect AED™

Best AED for:

Recommendation: purchase an AED model that has connectivity features that allow for remote monitoring and maintenance of your device

AED Model Winner: Avive Connect AED

Best AED for:

Recommendation: demo different AED models to see which is the most user-friendly for you and your personnel

AED Model Winner: show each AED model to someone in your office who has never seen an AED before and ask them which unit is intuitive to use

Best AED for:
IP Rating

Recommendation: any AEDs with an IP rating of 54 or above will be more than sufficient for office spaces that need their AED to withstand some dust and water exposure.

AED Model Winner: here are all the AEDs with an IP rating of 54 or higher:

  • Avive Connect AED
  • Cardiac Science – G5
  • Defibtech – Lifeline, View, and ECG models
  • HeartSine – PAD 350P and PAD 450P
  • Philips – FRx and FR3
  • Physio Control – LifePak 1000 and CR2
  • Zoll- AED Plus, Pro and 3

Best AED for:Semi-Automatic vs Fully Automatic

Recommendation: purchase a Fully Automatic AED to streamline the emergency response.

AED Model Winner: Avive Connect AED

Best AED for:
CPR Feedback

Recommendation: While CPR Feedback is a nice feature, it is not the most important AED feature.

AED Model Winner: Zoll AED Plus