How to Choose the Best AED for Your Office

It can feel daunting to select the best Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units for your workplace. Whether you’re just beginning your research, or you’ve already spoken with AED companies and started to put together a list of AED features and considerations, Avive is here to help.

Which AED differences matter for office programs, and which do not?

For instance:

  • Should you get a semi-automatic or fully automatic AED?
  • Do you need fixed or escalating energy?
  • Does the IP rating matter? And, what does the IP rating even mean?

We’ll explore these questions and more, to help you choose the best AED for your office.

To begin, we recommend focusing on the three important selection criteria for office AEDs: AED price, connected AEDs, and AED usability.

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