Employee Spotlight Golda Cenadoza

Employee Spotlight with Golda Cenadoza: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Welcome to our employee spotlight blog series, where we showcase the incredible individuals who contribute their expertise,…


How to Prevent Cardiac Arrest– 10 Preventative Actions to Safeguard Your Heart

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is an enormous healthcare problem, claiming the lives of over 350,000 people every…


Easy Ways to Earn Your Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification

BLS, also known as Basic Life Support, is an important qualification for healthcare professionals that equips them…

Police and AEDs

Police – Our Nation’s Fastest, Most Underutilized First Responders in Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest

The following article is a guest authored by our partner and friend Brandon Griffith, Sheriff’s Deputy for…

how long does a heart attack last?

How Long Does a Heart Attack Last? Recognize & Respond Quickly

Heart attack is a leading cause of death in the United States, and, like Sudden Cardiac Arrest,…

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Monophasic vs. Biphasic AED Shocks — Learn the Difference

The terms Monophasic and Biphasic refer to two different shock techniques that can help save a person’s…

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Employee Spotlight: Avive Sets Sail with Topher Croddy

Topher Croddy is the newest member of Avive’s Business Operations team where he serves as the VP…

Virginia's AED Requirements

Virginia SB 1453: AED Requirements Accelerate in VA Schools

Virginia is the latest state to strengthen its AED requirements in schools. The state recently passed a…

Access to AEDs Act and Damar Hamlin

Why The Access To AEDs Act, Championed by Damar Hamlin, is Such a Big Deal

Last week, on March 29th, Florida representatives introduced the Access to AEDs Act, a bipartisan bill to…

gym workout

Nearly All New York Gyms Required to Have AEDs as New Law Embraces the Future

Effective May 22, 2023, New York State will require AEDs be placed in all health and fitness clubs with 50 members or more.

Colorado new AED Bill

Why Colorado’s New Bill HB22-1251 is Major & Who Should Be Following Suit

The Importance of SCA Data Tracking  On July 1, 2022, Colorado House Bill 22-1251 went into effect,…

heart receiving a shock

Shockable vs. Non Shockable Heart Rhythms 

To shock or not to shock? That is the question for your AED.  In fact, that is exactly what…