women are 27% less to receive cpr

Why Women Less Likely to Get CPR From Bystanders

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) saves lives! In fact, besides using an Automated External Defibrillator, CPR is one of the…

Sudden Cardiac Death In Athletes - Causes & Prevention

Sudden Cardiac Death In Athletes

Endurance exercise–you may hate it or you may love it, but its long term benefits are invaluable….

Avives Winter 2019 Scholarship Winner

Congratulations To Avive’s Winter 2019 Scholarship Winner!

Avive would like to recognize each of our applicants for their achievements and thoughtful applications. We would…

Scholarship Winner Of Fall 2019

Congratulations To The Avive Scholarship Winner Of Fall 2019!

Class President, Head Drum Major of her school’s marching band, and a member of an all-girls acapella…

A Practice Every Athlete Needs

ECG Screening For Athletes: A Practice Every Athlete Needs

Athletes are required to eat only the most nutritious meals, exercise for hours at a time, sleep…

Why Is Maintenance of AED Important

AED with a Dead Battery Won’t Save Lives – AED Maintenance Tips

Imagine this It’s late, and weirdly quiet; the grocery store you’re at is about to close and…

The Simons Heart Foundation

Effective Ways Of Fundraising For AED by NGOs

Have you ever wondered why defibrillators are locked in those glass cabinets? Other than to protect it from the…

Revive Welcomes Summer Interns

Avive Welcomes Summer Interns!

For the first time ever, Avive Solutions is excited to welcome five incredible interns as they take…

AED Awareness In Schools

AED Awareness: 6 Ways To Promote AED Education in Schools

During Nick of Time Foundation’s recent high school ECG screening event in Seattle, we had the opportunity to…

Mr. Robbie Bowers

Athletic Trainer Builds AED Program

How Robbie Bowers Pioneered a Culture of AED Safety & Removed the Question of “What if?” from…

AED-Good Samaritan Laws Protect Rescuers

Good Samaritan Laws Protect AED Rescuers

Did you know that the law actually encourages lay people and bystanders to perform CPR and to…

Cardioversion Vs Defibrillation

Demystifying Four Common AED Myths

Thanks to TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Med, most people think of defibrillators as complex,…