The Simons Heart Foundation

Effective Ways Of Fundraising For AED by NGOs

Have you ever wondered why defibrillators are locked in those glass cabinets? Other than to protect it from the…

Revive Welcomes Summer Interns

Avive Welcomes Summer Interns!

For the first time ever, Avive Solutions is excited to welcome five incredible interns as they take…

AED Awareness In Schools

AED Awareness: 6 Ways To Promote AED Education in Schools

During Nick of Time Foundation’s recent high school ECG screening event in Seattle, we had the opportunity to…

Seeking Education After Tragedy - Matthew

Seeking Education After Tragedy

Matthew was a fit, active 16-year-old boy. He enjoyed school and loved sports, especially snowboarding and soccer….

AED at the gym with blurry background

The Life Saving Equipment Your Gym Needs

We all know that exercise is good for you; really good for you. Among many other benefits,…

Mr. Robbie Bowers

Athletic Trainer Builds AED Program

How Robbie Bowers Pioneered a Culture of AED Safety & Removed the Question of “What if?” from…

AED-Good Samaritan Laws Protect Rescuers

Good Samaritan Laws Protect AED Rescuers

Did you know that the law actually encourages lay people and bystanders to perform CPR and to…

Cardioversion Vs Defibrillation

Demystifying Four Common AED Myths

Thanks to TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Med, most people think of defibrillators as complex,…

why aed programs need to change

Copy of Part III: “Do the Lion’s Share of the Work”

In Part I and Part II of our story with sudden cardiac arrest survivor Alex, we learned how the prompt actions…

Life-Saving Tasks for Youth Coach Should Perform

4 Life-Saving Tasks Every Youth Coach Should Perform Today

As we’ve shared previously, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of death in youth sports,…

Story Part II - Aborted Sudden Death

Part II: “Aborted Sudden Death”

In Part 1 of our three-part series, we narrated how Alex– a sudden cardiac arrest survivor, found himself…

AEDs Save Lives – We Just Need More of Them

How Big is the AED Shortage?

Early defibrillation has been touted in the medical community as the most critical factor in the survival…